Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dark Room

Tired of the city life Sally was. She spends her whole day thinking in different ways she could go. Anywhere, it did not matter to her she could go up north or southwest. Her city was so noisy and there were too many cars. The pollution, nasty thick air and the constant loud traffic was everywhere. Sally left the office, got in her car and drove to the highway; another traffic jam. She tried to get comfortable and change the music in the radio. What was the point, everything sounds the same this days. Am, Fm, Satellite and all you hear is the same songs. She couldn’t wait to get to her dark room. Honk, Honk, the car behind her called. Finally, she saw a way to get home. Make a left here, go straight there, she will maneuver her car in a way that it would pass the people on the right and still get to the front of the left line. “That wasn’t so bad” she thought. Now the trip is just few minutes to get to her cross road. Eventually she got home. “Sweet home”! She escaped, from the noisy world. Sally took her shoes off and went for the remote control. She was glad the day was over and that she was in the dark. Silence at last; she could think, and hear herself breathe. She then closed her eyes and started to cry. She screamed “I am so lonely and don’t want to be in the dark” She got up very quickly ran to the window and opened it a crack. The moment it was open she felt a shock. Nasty air came from the outside, noise, fights, curses, punches everywhere. Shut up! Shut Up! She screamed very loud. She hated that city and was ready to give up for some real air. Sally closed the window and the room became dark again. It was so quiet and still. Her dark room was a comfort hard to describe. It allowed her to dream, to sing, to write. Seating that way in the dark was fine, the only thing she did not like was the thought of having to come back to the routine of the city life and the tormenting noise. Her dark room gave her solitude, took away her fears, and most of all inspired her to move on. Sally knew that the next day everything was going to be the same and the image of her work place haunted her. The only thing, which made her go on and on, was the satisfaction of having a dark room to come home too. Brava: D