Wednesday, October 6, 2010


“Sol is cold, pale, sad and numb. She is dead, stiff, and her eyes are gone. Why are her lips so red? Does she like make up? Maybe she wears bright lipstick, some blue eye shadows and blush. Her hair is dark like a night without moon. Her body only has one pose.” Danny looked at her and felt angry; she doesn’t smile, she doesn’t sing; but he has to see her everyday and bow to her. Working as a messenger for the church gave Danny some privileges; warm meal, a roof over his head, money to pay for college and the opportunity of meeting the hottest girls. Those church girls were different than the rest because they felt oppressed. Tammy was not different and they would sneak a bunch of kisses. Sometimes they will do it there in the back of the church. He thought he loved her but will never let her know. Danny knew that Tammy will always kiss other guys. Happiness was what he was looking for and life always made sure he’d end up alone. Unfortunately, dealing with Father Paul was the worst. He felt weird when they were alone; the way he looked at him, the way he touched him, was not normal. He went up the stair and thought of all the times he ran this way. Passing the mirror he reflected on how handsome he always was. Father Paul? Father Paul? He called. Danny hopes he can just drop off his mail without having to listen to the priest stories about being a good boy while he gets very close. There he was, slender and tall, with his black robe. “C’mon in boy; hmm, what do we have here, another telegram from Rome”? Danny gave him very quickly the package and their hands touched. “I love how pure and soft you feel my boy” Father Paul, no. “What is wrong my boy?” Danny felt disgusted and wanted to run but he remembered all the things he gets from Paul. “Damn priest” He been able to hurt to many boys, transfer from church to church this one was his fourth only this month. I hate his breathing and his voice; how he smells, the way he talks. Abusing all those boys; changing their lives forever, and taking all their hope. Half an hour later Danny was back in the corridor looking back at the mirror and seeing he was done. He when down the stair running like once before. Sol was again there just as he knows. I hate your red lips, your eyes, and your blush. He felt she was worse, because she has been abusing all humans ever since long time ago. Brava: D