Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The White House Summit for Working Families: Time for Equality & Fairness

In the summer of 2014, The White House, in partnership with the Department of Labor and the Center for American Progress, hosted a progressive summit. It was held with the purpose of starting a national conversation about women in the workplace, equality and fairness in the workplace, equal pay, and raising the minimum wage.   
The summit was attended by Americans from all walks of life. Business women, entrepreneurs, advocates, labor leaders, economists, CEOs, bloggers, legislators, and activists; even the President and his staff.
The summit focused on creating a 21st century workplace that works for all Americans. 
President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, CEOs, Legislators, economist, and everyday Americans spoke about their experiences and suggestions to help working families. 
It is time for Americans to have equal pay and equal rights and the President agrees.  "As President, my top priority is rebuilding an economy where everybody who works hard has the chance to get ahead." he said.
Working families are faced with many challenges and it is time for a real change...
Together we can make it happen :)
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

What to US Slaves is the 4th of July?