Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Why is the world the way it is? I always ask.

Why is the pain and suffering of the weak?

Why is the sadness and disadvantage for most of us?

Why illusion, lies, hurtful tales?

Why do children go to bed hungry in this world?

Why do men and women lose their job?

Why does the government keep taking everything from us?

Why is this apathy inside of us?

Why is education getting worse?

Why don’t gays and lesbians have a voice?

Why does a small percentage have it all?

Why doesn’t the large majority own?

Why do people hate?

Why do we lose interest in the rest?

Why is sadness all around us?

Why do we all feel a big loss?

Why are there so many wars?

Why are so many soldiers gone?

Why is capitalism out of control?

Why are we the ones suffering?

Why can’t we just work?

Why can’t we keep our houses?

Why does it all seem so wrong?

Why do we feel helpless?

Why did we lose our souls?

Why do I ask all these questions?

One day, maybe, I’ll know.

Brava :D

Life is the result of our choices