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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beyond religion, grammar and misspell words…

Beyond religion, grammar and misspell words… Ever since I can remember, everything I had to accomplish in my life has been difficult. My childhood memories are full of happy times but at the same time lots of poverty and misfortunes. After finishing high school, I moved to United State with no money, no understanding at all of the language, but very hopeful and excited. Learning English was very challenging and surprisingly satisfactory for me. Every job I ever had was hard and different, I worked as a waiter, telephone operator, baby sitter, salesperson, promoter, cashier, secretary, and as I learned more of the language, my places of employment changed for the better. Been an immigrant has been a blessing for me, I am able to speak two languages, learned two cultures, and challenge my self every day. Despite the fact that throughout my journeys I had always encounter mean, malicious and hateful people, I had also had the privilege to meet the most amazing, caring and lovely people in the world. My father always used to said to me, “Remember you not a piece of gold and because of that not everybody will like you or want you”. With those words, my father challenged me to accept difficulties and to be my self always. Recently, as I do, many times, I woke up inspired and ready to do what I love the most, to write. I spend a great deal of time writing about my feelings, thoughts, and opinions. My wish was that people understand my views of the world and religion. However, I received many hateful and angry responses from the grammar police. Many comments were directed to my grammar, misspell words and according to some my lack of education. I was so taken back that I allow my self to fall in to the pit of the game and answer with sarcasm and harsh comments as well. I was so angry; how dare these people not to see my knowledge and heart. One of the bogglers said a sarcastic remark referring to a community college and the fact that I probably did not understand what I was talking. He was so wrong in his asumption; I consider my self knowledable and interested in learning more every day. In addition, people talked about presentation and gave examples that did not make sense to me. The funny part was some of those same people send me private emails apologizing for been so hard. Those comment reminded me of my father’s lesson and the task in front of me. I understood, if anyone wants to become a writer, that person must learn to accept criticism and should challenge them selves every day. Furthermore the most rewarding part of last week, was when people when beyond all the comments and were able to have amazing opinions and open conversations about the subject of religion. It took me a while to find my self and to realize that in order for me to become the writer that I want to be, I most face challenges, misspell words and grammatical errors. History shows many writers that had never had the privilege to go to an Ivy League school but were able to contribute to the world of literature tremendously. I never claimed to be an intellectual but a woman that loves to speak her mind and heart and will always be honest with her heritage, learning experience and herself. As a student I have a long way to go but the route seems sweet.  My point has not change; Religion has not placed in modern society! Every day as I write and talk about my experiences, I will be ready to learn from those who wish to bring me down hiding behind the helpful comment and pretending to try to saved the English language but also from those who provided great deal of new information, and without me even asking they became my teachers. I forever will be thankful. I am a creative writer and in my route to become more accurate and sophisticated in my field, I will have tons of misspell words and grammatical errors but the essence of my writing will always remain, and forever will speak my heart. Brava:D

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