Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Abstinence does not work! can we please start teaching our daughters and sons about prevention and choices.

Our society is facing a very difficult time, from health care debates to the economy, and it is in the beginning of many changes. Besides all the problems affecting our society there is one in particular that as the mother of a 13 year old teenager got my attention. "Abstinence" After carefully researching the topic and reading few articles on the matter I concluded that abstinences does not work. Since the previous administrationt started the campaign all over the media telling young men and women just to say "no" to the most natural urge of the human body. Teen pregnancy, HIV, STDS, and abortion, have increased tremendously. The answer to solve the damage of that failed attempt to control human behaviour is through education and information. Knowledge is always a better answer than anything else. Every child should know all the causes and preventions of stds, hiv and teen pregnancy. Children should be able to understand the changes in their body and be able to manage peer pressure. Also we must educate our children about the media how to understand propagandas and advertisement. Furthermore we must understand their social groups and trends. I know if we educate our children we will help them make better decisions that will affect the rest of their lives . "BRAVA... Life is the Result of our Choices..."