Thursday, August 30, 2012

A friend blogger describes his perfect GOD:

While having a discussion about the Fairness Doctrine Act and Fox News at; a friend blogger answered to a remark I made; he described his idea of a perfect God and I am honored to share... :D

"My God isn't a God of Hate - He would care more about people then profit- 

My God would care less about the sex of the person you love, but would be more concern that you know how to love. 

My God would not seek war to prove his man hood, but seek knowledge for peace. 

My God would not allow his people to sleep in the streets, due to lack of income, mental illnesses, or drug addiction.

My God's followers would make sure homeless did not exist. 

My God would not like FOX NEWS.

My God would be actually fair and balanced."


Life is the result of our choices