Saturday, September 3, 2011

Libertarian Freedom

-By my Blogger friend

They don't CARE, Bill.... no more than any cultist would be willing to concede that the object of their devotion is nothing more than a "Elmer Gantry" or a "Lonesome Rhodes"..
They are blind to the fact that "E Pluribus Unem" does NOT mean "every man for himself".
The problem with "Paulistas" ("libertarians”, "laissez faire capitalists”, “Teabaggers", “Objectivists", “Austrian Schoolers”, “Chicago Schoolers”, “Friedmanites” or whatever they deem to call themselves today)... is that they hinge their personal philosophies on the rantings of a lunatic-fringe Congressman from Texas (guess WHO) and a fifth rate novelist who's putrid worldview is anathema to every concept of civil society.

• They seem to think that civilization ends at the threshold of this "free market", which is just a another cynical euphemism for "jungle law". 

• They constantly reap the benefits provided them but refuse to be responsible enough to actually contribute to them, leeching off of the very system that affords them the opportunities to enrich themselves, while ironically accusing the least amongst us of doing the same. 

• They feel that those who might not have been as lucky as they (or as callous) should fend for themselves and be relegated to a life of illness, poverty and wretchedness simply because they are too avaricious to do their part as members of society.. to do their duties as Americans. 
• When it comes down to it, it's really is just about greed, nothing more, nothing less, and their flaccid insistence and phony attempts at loftiness.. that their 'philosophies' are a "moral" or "political" or even an "ideological" stand is merely a way for them to shrink from their own shame, that is, if they are still capable of such. 


• They are the dictionary definition of malignant narcissism, and they are only fooling themselves.
So here is my admonition to them all...
• You agree with the Koch Brothers and object to the concept of contributing to pay those hard workers who support us all??
• You don’t feel that you should pay your fair share as a member of this society???
• Stay off the roads that our taxes contributed to, don't use electricity you can't generate yourself, don't go to the hospital, don't call the police, don't call the fire department, don't watch television.
• If you have kids (god forbid) don't send them to public schools (or really any schools for that matter) because they may get teachers who were educated at public and state universities.
• Don't go to art museums, don't walk on public sidewalks, don't use telephones, don't expect potable water to come out of your tap unless you got it from your own well, don't ever seek protection in a court of law.
• Enforce your own contracts... and while you're at it, dig your own sewers as well.
• In general, stand on your own.
• I don't want people like you to have anything to do with a single thing that the rest of us helped pay for.
• You only get to use whatever minuscule bit your own taxes might pay for, which reminds me, whatever you have in the bank, be sure to sign a waiver exempting you from being able to collect whatever portion of your money is insured by the FDIC.
• Grow your own food and raise your own beef and poultry so that you don't have to depend on the USDA to assure that you won't be poisoned, make your own medicines as well, because the USDA has to approve those, too.
• In other words, you ‘rugged individualists’... you"Ron Paul Libertarians"... put your ideology where your mouths are and stand 'tall'... ON YOUR OWN.
• I mean REALLY stand on your own... just like you incessantly preach that everyone else do.
• Otherwise, just shut the fuck up.

Life is the result of our choices