Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Consumption Our Nation's Ticking Bomb?

Before the industrial revolution humans only consumed what they needed, we planted, hunted, and fished for our own food. There was a respect for our planet and a sense of responsibility for our environment. Unfortunately, after much advancement in technology and discoveries, everything we consume comes from corporations, the superstores, internet, and supermarkets. Because we just buy the final product, we do not bother to think or even ask; where did this product come from? How many people were involved in the production and distribution of this product?

We spend our lives asking for more and disregarding our fellow man and the environment. Many nations are leaving their footprint of destruction and consumption without any knowledge of the consequences. Selfish leaders carelessly eliminate regulations and our country is no exception. 

According to research, United States’ footprint is one of the largest in our planet. Our waste and consumption has become obscene and insensitive. We may ask; “Why have we become so selfish and gross?” There are many factors involved in the outcome of our behaviors. United States citizens are contributing tremendously to the destruction of our planet and allowing being influence by others.

Americans buy and consume because some type of influence, from TV, Radio, advertisement, propaganda, friends, family, culture of entitlement, to the internet where people now imitate other consumers. According to experts, by the time a high school student leaves school, he or she would have watched 350,000.00 TV commercials”. We are programmed for life to be part of an over-consuming life style. 

It is very disturbing to come to the realization that our government is not protecting our youth and has not been doing their job for a very long time. The Government eliminates regulations allowing corporations to implant our brain with advertisement and false propaganda and the idea of how necessary it is to shop in order to be happy. 

Furthermore, politicians only use the environment when campaigning or as a rhetoric. It is apparent that we definitely need food, shelter, water, transportation, clothing, medicine, and many other necessary products for our daily lives. However, we over buy and over compensate with “beautiful things”. The idea is “If I have a bigger car and a better house that means I must be better” Our values are becoming contradictory, while we proclaim to be a democratic society we are slaves of our own greed. We should start looking in to our heart and question our priorities. 

It is the duty of the people to protest, complain, and be involved in all of the decisions and regulations that affects our selves and the world around us. Our planet is very large, for that reason we most think of the consequences of our destructive behavior and act accordingly. We are part of this beautiful planet Earth and it does not matter our background, heritage, language, race, color, gender, etc…

It is important that we all unite for the most important cause affecting our lives. We must change the linear society of extraction, production, consumption, and waste. We are in a planet that functions in circles and it must be protected. 

We must take our government from the hands of greedy corporations and start a national campaign of re-education and information. The consequences are developing in front of our eyes and we should act we a sense of urgency. The future is near and the time is ticking. Tick-tock-tick-tock 


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Life is the result of our choices