Friday, September 10, 2010

Religion has no placed in Modern Society

Religion has no placed in Modern Society. By Brava I am certain that modern society will benefit from an environment of education, diversity, respect and that religion will only continue to regress it citizens. Can you imagine? A world without Religion! According to The Journal of Religion and Society: prosperous societies with higher rates of belief in, and worship of a creator correlate with higher rates of homicide, juvenile and early adult mortality, STD infection rates, Drug used, inequality, teen pregnancy, abortion and discrimination. The question I ask is how religion has affected your life? When you think of an answer reflect on it. I can tell you that no matter if you practice any form of organized religion or not somehow your life has been affected either in a positive or in a negative way. My purpose today is to encourage you to open your mind to new information and to understand the negative effect of religion throughout history. I want to establish evidence to convince you to open your mind and to understand that religion is a personal choice and it has not place in Modern Society. Because the topic of religion is so controversial it has a great deal of opposition to my view. A great thing to start a conversation and learn about each others point s of view. For example, many religious organizations argue that religion and morals go hand and hand. They also argue that a society without religion is more likely to fail because United State has always been a religious country. That argument is baseless and history has shown the contrary. why should be any different now? I defend my point by showing you how our country is falling behind, in education, technology, social diversity, equality,progress and economics. Have you ask your self; How many societies had failed because they base their government on religion? ex. Spain, Germany, Russia, United States, China, etc… It is a fact that throughout history religion has been the cause of many crimes committed against humanity. Great example to that is, the holocaust, the inquisition, the crusade, September 11, Radical Muslims beheading, and slavery. Furthermore there is a large list of dictators who were completely religious or even if there were atheist they base the government on religious misinformation and fear. The outcome of their government does not need to be explain, they are responsible for over 20,000,000 millions of death and few examples come to mind. Francisco Franco Spain-1939-1975 Fascist died in office. Joseph Stalin USSR-1924-1953 Communist -Revolutionary regime died in office. Adolph Hitler Germany -1933-1945 Fascist World War II, Jewish Holocaust committed suicide. Mao Tse-Tung China-1945-1976 Communist Revolutionary regime died in office Moreover, United State had eight years of President George Walker Bush, who is consider to be one of the most religious President of our time. His presidency left behind a country full of disgrace, failing economic, two wars, inequality, and the worst education rate in history. When are we going to learn? How many people have to continue dying? before we realize that our country should be complete secular. Education and equality should be our most important priority. Another important point is the examples of many secular countries that are very prosperous regardless of their secular view of the world and the commitment to keep Church separate from their government. i.e Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Bahamas, Finland, Sweden, Bhutan, Brunei, Canada etc…. These countries have moral values and civil order and there are consider to be very successful and happy. There is an article in time magazine by Iva Skoch title "Least Religious countries", were he explain how non-religious countries are strongly correlated with high levels of societal health, such as low homicide rates, low poverty rates, low infant mortality rates, and low illiteracy rates, as well as high levels of educational attainment, per capita income, and gender equality. Most nations characterized by high degrees of individual and societal security have the highest rates of organic atheism. Also According to Richard Dawkins author’ of the bestseller “God Delusion” he explain how secular societies show advancement and are not less moral that those religious society. Religion should be a personal choice and should not have any part on our government and society as a whole. The problem with our society is that it dedicates too much time worrying about personal believes, who is sleeping with who, is this person gay or straight and is failing to get the new generation adapt to the new world of diversity and understanding. Moreover our children are not finishing their schools well educated because lack of resources and well prepared teachers. We are loosing our edge and eventually we would not be able to be competitive with the rest of the world. The controversy around religion and society has been a part of our lives for generations and it has always been a important factor to human development and growth; however it is time to open our mind and to find a common ground were people worship whoever they want in the privacy of their home and allow the government to go on with its business without interference of any type of influence by religion. Separation of church and state is a matter of diversity, open-mindedness, respect and a legacy for our future. Brava :D