Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have no Soul! by Brava

I Have No Soul!

I am poor; I have no soul

I am in pain; I have no soul

I have no father; I have no soul

I have no brother; I have no soul

My desires are just dreams

My future is a simple joke

Collecting ugly memories

Dealing with all these fools

Eating only judge prude

Drinking lies from the nincompoop

Engaging in symbolic hope; Fulfilling the status quo

The apathy of my sway is repulsive

The ignorance of the masses is obnoxious

The voice of the mastery said I don’t deserve

Nobody cares for my aesthetic sense; Striving for some hope; I have no soul

No future is awaiting; I concluded and sadly agree with the fools, I have no soul...

Brava :D