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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My brother Domingo died on a Friday...

Ever since I can remember my brother always been around me. My brother was the second son my father had from his first marriage. When I was born he was twenty one and full of life. He was kind and sweet and always make jokes. My first memory of him is when I was four and he gave me a sweet. What so special about a sweet anyone will ask. It was the way he made me feel when I got it. "eres especial e inteligente nunca lo olvides" He said. ( "You are special and intelligent never forget it"). Those words are stock in my head for ever and somehow have help me to accomplish everything I set my mind to do. Domingo was shy and funny and his whole life was about family and togetherness. He love his wife Dominga a funny coincidence in life where to people meet and they happen to have the same first and second name Domingo Antonio and Dominga Antonia. they started dating in the middle of the seventies, love each other dearly and been together ever since. They had two beautiful daughters, three gorgeous grandchildren and lived a simply but happy life full of routines, schedules and laughs. Domingo always love music our father a musician by profession always was around listening to music and sharing his passion for it. Domingo loved great food and great whiskey. He would get together with family every Sunday and drink and talk and make jokes. I love him and I remember how many times he was there for me always! He was one person I can count on. My brother, kind, sweet and full of laughs forever his memory will be with me and I will always try to recreate his favorite melody. rontonkoncontuntuntukutuntukututukutu

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